The main advantage of "TAU-PRODUCT" company is an availability of its own artesian well under number 0064 Badam-Sairam water source. It is famous for its environmental purity. And this is not so astonishing, taking into account that:

• granite- sandy-clay rocks up to 145 meter thick safely protect the water horizon from an accident penetration of surface contamination;

• the horizon feed area lies beyond the industrial production area.

The natural water possesses unique flavor qualities that has been repeatedly noted by the domestic and foreign specialists in the sphere of balneology and special nutrition. The natural water from underground sources is treated in a special way with the help of advanced GW-R-88 reverse osmosis unit (manufactured by "CIT", USA) that is intended for purification and microelement composition regulation. The reverse osmosis unit is a unique technology of membrane filtration that not only prevents impurities from diffusion, but enriches the water with microelements as per the set parameters. This technology allows the water to stay "Living"! The osmosis technology forms the basis of metabolism of all living organisms. Due to it nutrition substances enter each living cell, and vice versa, wastes are removed. As a result the consumer gets pure, natural and enriched water saturated with all the required useful microelements. Water is sterilized using the ultraviolet rays and ozonization. Water ozonization before bottling allows to fully sterilize and enrich the water with oxygen. "TAU" filling line for natural drinking water is located at the place of its extraction that helps to preserve all its useful qualities for consumers. Manufacturing process, equipment made by the world leading producers applied in "TAU-PRODUCT" correspond to the strictest requirements of international and domestic standards, while the current quality control system allows to clearly follow all the events that take place and, if necessary, timely introduce any corrective measures. In order to control compliance with the requirements of technical documentation there is an attested production laboratory equipped by the modern analytic equipment.


The very lemonade! Many of us still remember the taste of lemonade "from our childhood". It was the only glass of refreshing drink with sparkling bubbles that gave us so much joy and revived the spirits! Both children and grown-ups loved these lemonades. And then existing sparkling water machines filled with natural tasty syrups became one of the symbols of the bygone epoch, our carefree "lemonade" childhood. Today we cannot find this taste among the variety of different soda that flooded the Kazakhstani market. While an officious advertisement persuades us to buy what is fashionable. But beverages with widely promoted image and alien values are not always safe for our health. And they barely substitute our kind impressions and memories, which connect us with real tastes. "TAU-PRODUCT" company revives the series of legendary lemonades produced from natural syrups and qualitative substitutes! Today we can again try that unforgettable taste of the "golden" age - our childhood! The lemonades of "TAU-PRODUCT" company are precisely the ones that used to be before, as the traditional recipes are used for their preparation. The experienced process engineer is responsible for strict compliance of the beverage manufacturing process, who used to introduce the production of classic lemonades still yet in the Soviet time. "TAU-PRODUCT" company produces two series of lemonades. The beverages of "TAU-PRODUCT" company are based on the natural enriched drinking water, natural syrups and qualitative substitutes. Due to this the tastes of beverages are really natural! Try our lemonades and feel the difference yourself! "TAU-PRODUCT" beverages contain both natural food dyes, flavouring and sweeting agents, and qualitative substitutes. And we frankly indicate this on the label.