Why is it worth drinking the beverages of “TAU-PRODUCT” LLP?


) “TAU-PRODUCT” LLP uses only natural ingredients when producing its beverages

we use mainly natural sugar and natural food grade dyes in our products, and if we use substitutes, we honestly indicate them on the label.


“TAU-PRODUCT” LLP takes water from its own artesian well.

Water is treated in a special way with the help of advanced GW-R-88 reverse osmosis unit (manufactured by “CIT”, USA) for purification and regulating the microelement composition. The reverse osmosis unit is a unique technology of membrane filtration.


We control the quality of our products and value each client:

Our company possesses modern laboratories for strict quality control.

Our company’s slogan

Be sure!:

Our products

New form of freshness!
Our company is glad to present you a new form of freshness, bottled water 0.33l. Be mobile – buy TAU!

Based on innovative technologies “TAU-PRODUCT” LLP developed a new line of “TAU” alcohol-free carbonated beverages – “Classic Lemonade”, “Nostalgic Tarhun”, “Romantic MO for glamorous youth”. Inexpensive and very tasty “Soda Pop” drink.

Bottled water
Our company produces both carbonated and non-carbonated drinking water. Water is extracted from our own artesian well.

Water for dispensers
19-liter bottles with drinking treated and microelement enriched water for office and home.

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